EMO Hannover 2019

EMO Hannover 2019 has focused on the importance of digitalization and industry 4.0 in the metalworking industry with the theme of "Smart Technology Drives Future Manufacturing". Another spotlight in the Hannover fair is additive manufacturing circle. In recent years, the multi-layer manufacturing technology has leapt forward and gradually integrated into various industrial processes. It has also been adopted by large-scale customers such as the automotive industry, aviation manufacturing industry and medical technology industry. It is also worth mentioning that the exhibition in Hannover will set up the world's first 5G technical test area, and there will be several pavilions that can use 5G display to let the exhibitors and visitors experience it.
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2019 EMO Show Daily

2019 EMO Show Daily_1

EMO HANNOVER Grand Opening. For the grand opening of EMO in Hannover, We dispatched our professional team to film a series of live videos in the exhibition

2019 EMO Show Daily_2

Today is the second day of EMO Hannover 2019 ! There were two spotlight of machine systems which launched by FANUC and SIEMENS in EMO Let's chek it out !

2019 EMO Show Daily_3

As the world's 4th largest exporter of machine tools. Taiwan put the much effort into machine tool industry. We owned not only this honor of the best exhibitor team in Asia but also be the second in the world. Our curator will show all attendees the top of Taiwan manufacturers in EMO Hannover.

2019 EMO Show Daily_4

Hannover, Germany is the old city that full of artistic demeanor, and exhibits the best machinery in the world. We have the latest news about EMO Hannover 2019 everyday. Let's see the performance of DMG !

2019 EMO Show Daily_5

Umati is made by DMG and others 16 machine tools company. In brief, it’s a common language – which is true for machine tools. The easier they exchange and share information, the more efficient they are.

2019 EMO Show Daily_6

EMO Hannover 2019 it’s come to the last day. We not only offer the show daily videos on the platform for everyday, but also provide our service for you.
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